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Anya Olsen

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Measurements: 34B-24-34

Anya Olsen is a sexually adventurous brunette with a full-house body that loves to push her limits in her scenes. As soon as she lost her virginity, Anya might as well have been a set of twins, because she had double the sex drive of a normal woman. Describing her sexual awakening, Olsen recalls "if I was happy, I needed sex; If I was sad, I needed sex! Any emotion, I needed sex, sex, sex!" Maybe the several times she got caught having sex, including during her first blowjob, contributed to Anya's exhibitionism. These days she's a shy, reserved girl with clothes on, but once the red light shines, lights, camera, action, and she becomes as kinky as they come. It's like the camera awakens a different part of her, a public persona ready to pounce in a 'New York Minute.' She's pretty, and she's excitable, and she can go from adorable innocence to the gritty hardcore of her namesake at a moment's notice. "I'm definitely willing to try everything once," says Anya, "because you never know what you'll like." Just like the twins that are her namesake, Anya Olsen lives fast, parties hard, and will be talked about for years to come. Follow the Adventures of Anya Olsen right here!

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